The Process

My process for helping you make successful life changes:

Life is complex so keeping things simple yet effective is important.  If you want to learn more about how I can help you, please call me so we can talk.  You can also write to me via my contact page.  It is important for you to feel comfortable and to understand what I do.  Knowing what to expect from me and being ready for making change in your life is important.

After we spend time talking and we decide that coaching is a good fit for you then we will develop a coaching plan that is mutually agreed upon.

I adopt the SIMPLE 3 step coaching approach.  The first step draws up your unique personal identity profile established through our initial sessions and requires a series of reflective assignments and assessments.  The second step clarifies your profile, identifies specific goals and strategies, and begins formulating a personal action plan that you feel comfortable implementing.  In the third step, I coach you by monitoring, facilitating and supporting your progress as you advance.  As your coach I help you maintain your course and help you maneuver any road-blocks you may encounter. Most importantly you decide the pace you want to set for our work together.  Coaching is designed to help clients move quickly but also comfortably toward their goals.

Suzanne’s SIMPLE Personal Identity Profile Areas

Having a clear vision of “you” is a major foundation for effective life and career coaching. Your unique profile will include a summary of the following areas:

  • S-Strengths
  • I-Interests
  • M-Motivators
  • P-Personality traits
  • L-Learning Preferences
  • E-Experience

After creating your profile, we clarify your desired goals and prepare you for action.