Gluten Free Travel Tips

My husband has celiac disease.  Our family loves to travel, and we have learned important tips for making our vacations happy and stress-free.  Check out some points that have worked well for us.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for happy traveling too!

  1. Know yourself. What do you like to eat?  How do you like to travel?  What comforts you?  What frustrates you?  How well do you communicate?  Be ready to communicate clearly and confidently with others about your dietary needs.
  2. Gluten Free Travel Motto:  Plan, Prepare and Avoid Temptations.  To be safe and happy you must be prepared versus spontaneous!  Plan your route and your
    stops (big cities offer more than remote small towns).  Search the Internet for GF restaurants. If you are traveling by train, boat or airplane be prepared for unexpected delays or circumstances.  Communicate several weeks early for dietary requests.
  3. Do not wait until you are starving to find a restaurant or food store. When you are starving, you are more prone to be tempted and easily led to the wrong food.
    Sauces in fancy places!
  4. BYOB. BYOC. BYOP. (Bread, Cereal and Pastries) And bring your dining cards especially if traveling internationally.  Pack smart.
  5. When in doubt, do without.  My husband’s  safest meal: grilled steak, baked potato, steamed vegetable.
  6. Last but not least, do not forget to bring a baggie full of GF snack bars! These bars have helped my husband get through some unexpected food service challenges.
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