About Suzanne

I live in the “Queen City”, Charlotte, NC with my husband and two children.  As a family we struggle with the many of the issues other modern families in our culture face.  Financial stress over potential job loss, parenting an adolescent in the midst of his identity angst and helping an aging parent with retirement have challenged us this year.  Keeping a family of four in balance is not easy but we try our best and the rewards are rich and meaningful.  Positive thinking, caring communication and focusing on our family strengths is our foundation for happiness and growth.

I wear several professional hats that indicate my interest and expertise in working with people.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board Certified Life Coach and a Distance Credentialed Counselor.  As an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at Winthrop University I enjoy teaching and advising students of all ages.  My background in human growth and development as well as my counseling experience has given me the knowledge and tools for helping folks at different points in their life.  I have particular expertise working with people in helping professions including teachers, educators, counselors and at-home family caregivers who face unique challenges.  Another speciality coaching area is my work with individuals who have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac.  My husband has lived with celiac disease for several years and together we have faced the challenge of living gluten free!

I have passions. I love anything Italian, I find traveling to new places exciting, and I love the cool mountain air.  I could spend several days in an art museum.  And PBS mysteries captivate me!  I never refuse a dance offer especially if Aretha Franklin is singing a tune.  Finally I am passionate about the people in my life who give me interpersonal strength, insight and caring, the juice that keeps me growing, learning and laughing.  I have more to share.  Contact me!

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